The abbey of Valsery

    Founded in 1125, the abbey of Valsery is one of the oldest creations of the Prémontrés religious order. The monument has been successively destroyed, rebuilt and changed through its 900 years of history. After the French Revolution, it even became a private castle. After the First World War and its bombardments, the abbey has been left in a state of neglect for decades.



    Today, thanks to a group of volunteers made of archaeology and History lovers, the abbey is being carefully restored. During the guided tour, the volunteers will show you the different archaeological artefacts of sculpture and architecture they have discovered. You'll be able to enjoy the chapter house and its marvelous polychrome stains on the walls.

    Route de l’abbaye 02600 - CŒUVRES-ET-VALSERY +33 3 23 55 26 39 (C3)

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