Living on french time

    It's not always easy to keep up with the French way of life. Here are our best advices to enjoy your vacations while in France.

    If you’ve ever been in France before, but in a big town, it’s good to know that, this is a more rural region. As a consequence, the local population mostly lives in very small villages. Some of them are even under 100 inhabitants. This very quiet life has a lot of advantages but also its disadvandatges. On the one hand, villages are the perfect spots to disconnect from your daily routine: surrounded by fields or woods, our countryside lifestyle invites you to enjoy the moment. On the other hand, you’ll quickly noticed that a car is indispensable to be able to come and go on as you wish or get to the closest town, supermarket, restaurant or concert hall. Once you’re more familiar with the local lifestyle, we have no doubt that you’ll be enjoying your daily life here in no time.

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