The General Mangin’s observation tower and the Guards’ Grave Cemetery

    Located at the top of a 220 meters high hill, General Mangin's observation tower offers one of the highest points of view of the local area. On each of its eight floors, thanks to games, sound records and a spyglass, you will discover everything about the wildlife and flora of the forest of Retz but also its crucial role during the offensive of July 1918 which lead to the Armistice.

    The General Mangin’s observation tower and the  -  route du Faite - 02600 PUISEUX-EN-RETZ    (C3)

    From this point you can also enjoy three hikes including one dedicated to the First World War which will lead you to the Guards’ Grave Cemetery where 98 British soldiers are buried.

    Back at the very beginning of the war, these brave soldiers fought long and hard in these woods to stop the German progression toward Paris and save their fellow comrades and Allies who were retreating.


    Guards’ Grave Cemetery - D81 -


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